Giant Paper Sunflower
Giant Paper Sunflower

Giant Paper Sunflower

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The beauty of sunflowers without the maintenance!  

MADE TO ORDER: Paper flower sunflower for weddings, parties, photo shoots or home decor.

This listing is for one of two options: 

(1) large 18” sunflower to hang on your wall for decoration or 

(2) the option to include a 3’ stem base.  


These flowers are a perfect decor piece for anything ranging from a photo shoot to a wedding and even a little girls room decor.  

Every single flower is hand cut and formed to create a gorgeous decoration piece.  There are no two identical flowers!


Note: There is backing attached to the wall flowers so you can arrange them however you would like.  Using a flat thumbtack will do the trick and won't fall down or make eye sores in your walls.  

Are you looking for a bigger bundle or a different color?  Not a problem, just let me know and I will quote you a turn around time and shipping price.


**Current turn around time is 3-4 weeks**  


Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!!